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  • Is here Hunter Biden sex clip?

    Publish date, Oct 25, 2020: 9 min read.
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    Source Telegram group:

    You can get these hunterbiden telegram group (channel) links at WikiLink bot or check the below list

    Tap to load Telegram list?

    telegram list

    Judge for yourself?

    Hunter Biden Documents?
    You can validate leaked emails by yourself than only read / heard by major medias or GTV ?
    Its very important cause its original source of these photos, clips, text sms.
    Read more Hunter Biden mbox file


    1. before
    2. the New York Post bombshell (about Oct 2020)
    3. Chinese - American channels, website, social media such as: Guo WengHui, Lude media, GTV etc
    4. fb, twitter, reddit, youtube censored it, then, about Feb - March 2021, Bitchute also censored it (so, we re-edit this post to remove video unavailable links, old photos)
    5. Parler social network
    6. Telegram (you can check more above Hunter Biden telegram group (channel) links list)
    7. other sources, for example, GatewayPundit, Dailymail etc … Right Wing media, Trump Supporters community etc or a guy
    8. John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the computer repair shop,
      for example: according to USA today, On Nov. 24, the Delaware News Journal reported that “ten days after the election, a sign on the repair shop’s door said it had closed. A neighbor said the owner had left town."
    9. 4chan guys : ) LoL
    10. official report of Gov, i.e the report on Hunter Biden and Burisma from the Senate. gov (Sept 2020)

    like DDoSecret “Blueleaks”, If you are pro researchers, you can find it easily or contact us
    We only try to update the lastest laptopfromhell event that the media doesn’t. Or you can wait to read more at major media sites, they have professional journalists

    Mar 2021, CNN, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted blocking a story about the president’s son Hunter Biden in the lead-up to last year’s US election was a “total mistake”

    • 👺 | Netizen comment:

    “We made a total mistake”
    Fact check: FALSE….. Mistakes aren’t made on purpose
    This is probably the only TRUE “fact check” on the internet. : )

    Someone is dumping these photos / clips without blurring face / phone number etc on telegram.
    Of course, You can read Full information at the original source GTV website. These photos, emails, msgs, clips (i.e Hunter Biden footjob) are currently available on GTV site.
    But what happen if “they” share 9 truths and a liar? (Sorry, just personal thinking)

    • for example, Reddit censors alleged Hunter Biden ‘sex tape’ shared on video hosting subsidiary of Chinese firm co-founded by Steve Bannon

    So, we did not update some “news” that (may be) were “hot”, “big” : ) cause un-clear proof,
    We did as much as we could but Maybe it was not enough.
    Best wish for you. If You don’t want to see one of Hunter Biden’s sex videos, don’t watch. View at your own risk
    Remember: don’t believe anything & We are not professional fact-checker (not mean Facebook Fact checked. LoL : ))

    • 🗣 Warning 18+. We are Updating … Waiting for verifying … Bookmark this post. Any suggestions are welcome
    • 🗣 We are afraid Chinese disinformation in U.S like Russian dis, deepfake etc
    • 🗣 You should search official media and read more at there
    • 🗣 There are lots of these channel / group on telegram (negative and positive) We have tried to keep as much original / unbiased information as possible
    • 🗣 Why telegram? Because Its freedom and privacy. No censorship. You can say whatever you want. You are free as birds.

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    Source: a guy (username: Nihao2020 - may be he is Chinese) dumped these files that (may be) you have ever seen. however, this google drive link was disable : ) & Bitchute also deleted clips

    Update: seems Hunter Biden actually own a Bitcoin wallet / cryptocurrency account

    There are some interesting points in Dailymail post (Exclusive: National security nightmare of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop containing phone numbers for the Clintons, Secret Service officers and most of the Obama cabinet plus his sex and drug addictions - all secured by the password Hunter02)
    However, This is not first time netizen talk about Hunter Biden’s password like Hunter02
    for example, this tweets on 22 Oct 2020 about this password with another source post link (volkskrant nl)

    But, this is another interesting point from Dailymail post: leaked email (droidhunter88@ gmail.com)

    One email sent to Hunter Biden was from ‘hookup’ website Adultfriendfinder.com, which he appeared to be a member of,
    And this email leaked Hunter Biden registered as droidhunter88
    You can check this e-mail by yourself, source: dailymail post link

    or you can read more below about this Hunter Biden & Crypto story

    Update: Is this Hunter Biden pornhub premium account?

    • 👺 | You can check these bookmarks by yourself in his naked chat clips

    JoeBiden smiling: is One of his page bookmarked. Another is Blackboard learn, Garmin connect or Wood Josepphina
    Well, we knew what the “Joe Biden smiling” means. Lmao.

    • 👺 | username: RHeast
    1. Last login: 1 year ago
    2. Created 3 years ago
    3. Age: 47
    4. Harper
    • 👺 | Some interesting points:

    the video looks like one of the leaked laptop videos without blurring. Looks like only that one videos is public uploaded, and there are three public playlists
    There’s also a photo in an album labeled “Hollywood Hills” that was uploaded November 22, 2018
    There’s also two albums that are set to private (only friends can view). One with three photos has a thumbnail that has a portion of a woman’s face and is called “captivating”, the other has one has one photo with a thumbnail of a penis and is called “yesyes”.

    • 👺 | How to see Hunter Biden private album on pornhub?:

    Depending on what pornhub settings you have. when someone adds you as their friend, you get accepted automatically. If you have a Pornhub profile go there and click on add friend you’ll see you get added automatically
    his porn hub account auto accepts friend requests. That is in his private collection. one super blurry one, and another of his junk that the bug man has released blurred.

    and, this image

    Or check by yourself. Link Hunter Biden pornhub account. We dont care his dick : ) or you can read more at the Gate way
    there is also a RHeast Instagram account but its private : )

    • 👺 | RHeast instagram: 22 photos & video, 2 follower, 0 following. Good luck

    Update: some pictures, clips, text logs from another source (laptopfromhell .github .io - Update: this website was disconnected)

    Some datas that hadn’t seen released from the Chinese man (Lude media, GTV, Gnews)

    Note: not verifying yet, Be careful to analyze

    • 🗿 | another user comment:

    See the message named “Richard chain bridge” and it says “okay great, your dad just asked me why $4,000 was taken from…..”
    Richard Dunbar is Assistant Vice President and Trust Operations Manager at Chain Bridge Bank. During his 24 years of finance experience, Mr. Dunbar has focused on trust and banking operations, catering to high net worth individuals and families.
    Source link to check Richard

    and, contact for Jim and Hunter Biden

    • 🗿 | another user comment:

    The one number that was not redacted belongs to: Douglas Brinkley. Who is a history expert for CNN and Vanity Fair. His number is posted in his class syllabus for Rice University. Douglas_Brinkley Wiki link
    and, +13025300600???

    and, search this number on google, link check google



    and cryptocurrency???

    Oh no, guess : )

    • 👺 | this is a major crypto exchange site, okex.

    Result: User does not exist

    • 👺 | and, this is a biggest crypto exchange site, binance

    Update: Guess, What did Hunter Biden say on reddit

    Is this username of Hunter Biden??? may be not

    Update: 2nd part of Hunter Biden footjob (re-editing: check above telegram list or Gnews site)

    Guess, what did she say? Get out there? or OMG, Noob : (( why Live streaming / recording?

    and, some user were interested the little dog of this photo

    Update: Today is a crazy day.

    and here is reason FBI sit on Hunter’s laptop for months


    We are tired & so sick of these hunterfootjob.
    Here’s the clip from rumor, netizen have been posting non-stop about HBiden hard drive, bombshell etc for the past few days,
    like “Hunter Biden touching a 15year old”, etc
    Twitter, Youtube ALREADY starts blocking all links to the site
    and, NOTE: some of clips, photos was taken from Chinese sources (negative and positive & may have malware etc…) so, we re-edit these datas before publish post.
    for example, GTV site, if you are professional researcher, you should take clip from this source to check metadata or anything about this Hunter Biden sex tape

    Be careful with Deepfake, Judge for yourself

    You can check these Hunter Biden sex tapes at GTV site or above telegram group list,
    for example, Chinese channel @baidengyingpanmen
    This channel was created on Oct 26, 2020
    We are not sure who is owner, may be, they are members of the same team with other chinese channel about Hunter Biden (i.e, @zhongzhuanfangjubao)
    or this channel (We are media - an Anon channel news - over 200k follower ) shared Full contact (csv file) (forwarded from original channel - Garrett M. Ziegler). We are not sure the Garret channel is real or fake Garrett M. Ziegler (over 100k follower) (Husband, father, Illinoisan, former Trvmp WH staffer) : )

    Netizen comments:

    Seems like this is Natalie’s voice
    Listen to Natalie Biden’s voice at 20 seconds into this video

    Now listen closely in the sex tape at 2:04 seconds when he says “Nattie look”, then again at 2:30 in you hear her say “I didn’t know my foot could do that!"

    Update more.

    You can search Lude (路德) media (Chinese) on Parler social network
    He is dumping HBiden images every minute. there are tons of datas at there, we are tired to re-edit, re-check


    More pictures

    Re-editing: we remove old photos off this post cause they are not new at this time

    some netizens shared this picture with context as A picture of Nancy Pelosi’s son “Paul Pelosi”, leaked from Hunter Biden’s laptop
    We don’t think so, you can read more Fact-check at PolitiFact article
    and other netizen comment, i.e:

    • 🗿 | Do you know who funds politifact? What happened to all the fact checks saying the hunter biden story was “likely Russian disinfo”?
    • 🗿 | But why are there bandages on her arms and he is alarmingly close kinda creepist to her
    • 🗿 | I don’t know but she doesn’t show signs of fear on her face and his face shows no sinister intent that I can see!



    • 🗿 | netizen comment: MALIA OBAMA credit card???
    • 🗿 | another user comment: The lines are too short to have any affiliation to the Obamas.

    Search Google “Malia Obama credit card”. Its old

    More website

    Trump Supporters community



    Source Claudina Instagram

    • 👺 | Claudina Instagram: Can’t believe we’ve made it this far🎊You r the best little sister I could ever ask for, I love u bday 👑


    Read more: 😳 👀 ???

    we are re-editing

    References and Sources:

    You should follow this story via major media. If not, you can research https://archive.org/ cause a lot of articles, topics were removed at this time (March 2021)
    Details view more the above list