Judge for yourself ??? LoL.

Here’s the video from the screenshot netizen have been posting non-stop for the past few days,
like “RUDY GIULIANI touching dick to a 15year old”, etc

Rudy Giuliani faces questions

According to theguardian, Giuliani claimed that he was only trying to take off his microphone and tucking in his shirt
You can read more at there. theguardianLink

Netizen: Rudy is finished. It’s over for him.
You know this is a good clip but Borat comes in too quick to make it a strong case against Rudy. And worse he comes in dressed like a weirdo. No one will take this video seriously.
Jesus, THIS is what they thought would take the heat off of Hunter Biden raping his stepdaughter/niece as well as their illegal pay-to-play cash dealings?
The left has officially crashed and burned.
You are fucking retarded if you fall for this set-up smear campaign, they did the same shit with Ron Paul when he was at his most influential!
Remember (((they))) try everything to destroy powerful white men who are not under control.
They deserve the bad press for being too limp dicked to reign in social media. This spread like wildfire unimpeded because it went from one leftist echo chamber to the other with not a single person poking holes in the story… Because they were banned.
I just watched the scene. He’s literally just tucking his shirt in after she ripped it out. Another failed failed sloppy job Mossad. Rudy really didn’t do anything bad. It’s even more clearer once you watch the whole scene and realize how it was edited. Sacha Baron Cohen is fked in the head. This guy has issues. He needs to be put in a psychiatric hold and not on Amazon.*
*Also this is election meddling. I hope he rots in jail for this.*

Read more: 😳 👀???
Rudy Giuliani displays a “very, very sensitive” alleged text message from Hunter Biden, which he claims to have handed over to the Delaware state police.

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