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No hiding place for Paedophiles

Publish date, Apr 4, 2021: 6 min read.
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You can get these pedophilehunters telegram group (channel) links at WikiLink bot or check the below list

sounds warning again 🗣 it contains porn materials. If you dont want to see, dont watch. View at your own risk

telegram list


Telegram is privacy, security.

  • How to configure security and privacy in the Telegram ?
  • or How to protect yourself from the Telegram?
    (We are updating later)

The app often states it’s against big tech and for privacy rights. Founder Durov is a big supporter of freedom of speech;
Of course, if you’re looking for secure communication. Look Signal, its better than, although no provider is perfect.
Telegram also becomes a safe haven for pedophilia, pornography, child trafficking, and other illegal activities.
This needs to stop. It needs to stop now.
Lets do the right thing to make Telegram community a better place

What can we do?
Find & report the people who share childporn on telegram

We are just ordinary citizens, we are not police officers, private investigators, professional journalists, hunters
Try to find these groups, channels. Telegram groups are not safe as end-to-end encryption, “Telegram secret chat”. We can use a ton of official Telegram features for tracking these guys (like creator, admin, members etc), e.g, the exporting feature
This is a huge undertaking (hunting down the groups; create Pedophiles blacklist or create a Network Diagram data links and data graphics; tracking Internet identity IID etc) and would take a lot of time to complete.
If you are impressed with our work, Feels free to tip our contributors who helped us a lot with following & updating for this kinda news on telegram 🙏 Buy us a coffee
or If you a serious researcher - simple, unbiased, unprejudiced observation. Lets contribute the pedophiles blacklist via Pedo Hunter channel below, or this group or contact us

  • 🗣 Warning 18+. We are Updating … Waiting for verifying … Bookmark this post. Any suggestions are welcome
  • 🗣 Be careful of misinformation, deepfake, fake info, the mistake of having limited understanding etc
  • 🗣 You should search official media and read more at there
  • 🗣 There are lots of these channel / group on telegram (negative and positive) We have tried to keep as much original / unbiased information as possible

Important point: tracking paid payment method,
for example, some pedophile networks use PayPal for payment to their premium channels. Track it & fill a police report or reach out to Anti-pedophile Organisation, like Woman’s Aid Organisation (WAO)
Track Digital footprint to know who they really are
online identity vs the real-world identity
Telegram is privacy, we can’t request Telegram system to connect members private information such as IP address and device type. The government couldn’t.
Although in the case of ISIS channels, Telegram has actually cooperated with authorities in the past, specifically with Europol, removing up to 200,000 ISIS-related accounts per year
beside, we can report these childporn groups, channels, usernames to Telegram via its auto-reporting feature, email,,
although, these paedophiles will be revoke, change invite link or delete telegram account and we are finding them harder than.
These pedophiles will do their best to hide from the police. But they may not put in place all the necessary measures to completely isolate themselves and keep themselves anonymous. They can also make mistakes, and that’s where law enforcement agencies are able to track them down
similar to The “Nth Room” (n번방 사건) SG Nasi Lemak, Cho Ju-Bin, Liong Tianwei, to be dealt with in court. This is the Best result.
This also is the main reason why we don’t hide above adult telegram link list (not childporn, plz, don’t ask us about childporn) Try to find & link these datas to draw a data link

for example, this Pedo Hunters channel - details link, view telegram list above,

Singaporean pornographic materials

for example, check this SG channel which are similar to the SG Nasi Lemak and SharingIsCaring
(Editor’s note: We not detail the channel link cause it contains childporn materials)
Although this channel was reported by members and telegram blocked it because of porn content

  • This message couldn’t be displayed on your device because it contains pornographic materials.

however, Telegram members also can easily change their privacy setting to access the channel or they use an unofficial app like nicegram. So, this is not the best solution.

check this post that the mysgg girls channel was forwarded from Mei username,
(Editor’s note: We not sure this username is the owner, admin of mysgg girls channel or not and she’s 18 years old or not. however, may be, she was linked the channel. Find her, find another people)

Here is some info,

  • telegram username: @maybellinerosalina
  • reddit username: u/melissarosebella
  • paid payment method: bank transfer, paypal

There are a lot of her posts on reddit, check by yourself, e.g,

  • I’m 18 this is just a cosplay

and, she owns a paid channel, with name Mel’s kinky desires & over 500 paid members (paid membership fee about $15k)
(Editor’s note: the contributor does not want to show info, so we do not share the image proof of channel or hers bank on this post)
as another example, check this 🐶汪星人🐶 group that may be is A group of closely related. Its official discussion group of the wsxxf - 🇲🇾街拍阁🇲🇾 少女 足控 channel (over 20k members)

  • important point: telegram account with name “kawaiii iiii”. He’s admin of the 🐶汪星人🐶

We have used Wikilink bot above to checked and verified Kawaiii username

He uploaded a lot of child porn clips on the group chat like the clip appears the top of the post.

These include videos of young women performing sex acts, in various stages of undress, upskirt photos, and hidden camera footage of women in toilets and changing rooms.
We are not sure that these videos are new or old or he taken from SGNasiLemak, Sharing Is Caring group, or such chat groups circulating obscene material of women in Singapore cause we did not follow this shit content :( it takes a lot of time to follow. Hope netizens will contribute more
(Editor’s note: in case you need to check a group (channel) Admins, Creator, Owners etc to protect child safety, plz send email us or comment via twitter below)
Find him
We will try to draw a network Diagram data links later

  • Update:

here is sreenshot that he chat at above 🐶汪星人🐶 group,

  • 我是第一个来的吗 | google translator: Am i the first to come
  • 快发小萝莉 | google translator: Quick hair little Lolita
  • 给你们发到炸群了 | google translator: I sent you a bombing group

Find him

  • Update:

username: arloli_bot, this user is not telegram bot. he’s one of the Administrators group (other is Kawaii & lost_sefl above)

Find him

  • The result:

Telegram channel: 小仙女 was disconnected,
3 admin group: kawaiii, lost_self & arloli_bot. Saved 👮

UK pornographic materials:
We are updating later

Russian pornographic materials:
We are updating later

Chinese pornographic materials:
We are updating later

Korean pornographic materials:
We are updating later

Malaysian pornographic materials:
We are updating later

Vietnamese pornographic materials:
We are updating later

Do you have any suggestion?

Comment via twitter, its easier to update the Pedophiles blacklist:

References and Sources:
Details view more the above list

and, according to Quartz,
The group that at one point was the largest predator hunting community in the US, Truckers Against Predators, was also founded by a truck driver. It makes sense. As Weeks notes himself, truckers often see evidence of sex trafficking during the course of their work. In fact, there’s a large trucker organization that trains drivers to recognize signs of trafficking and report incidents.
the trucker organization link