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Publish date, Apr 15, 2021: 3 min read.
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You can get these hiddencam telegram group (channel) links at WikiLink bot or check the below list

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What can we do?

Find & report the people who create telegram channel, group to share upskirt clips, and hidden camera footage of women in toilets and changing rooms
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User account

  • user @LAZZABAT (not found - may be he changed username)
  • Paid payment method: paypal.
    Link paypal . me / Foxsakee .

seem like he’s Lewis Atkins, right? (Editor note: we are not sure 100 %)
Find him, in case you know who he is really in real-life, please comment
Telegram channel: IPCAMERA,
Ipcam’s available over 100 with playback feature, everything from swimming pools, hospitals, bedroom, changing room, gym, schools to strip clubs, message for prices of packs.
Dec 27 2020, The channel posted “Private page is now full we are no longer taking new members”
Here’s the proof,

There are a lot of images, clips. we can’t blur face, body etc & show all photos at here to you can re-check by yourself. It takes a lot of time. Hope you are not the victim of webcam hacking or scammers. Please search how to keep yourself safe or this Howtogeek article, How to detect hidden camera with your smartphone

or this channel, IPCam, (Editor note: not sure if they relate to each other or not)

seem like the owner is russian, he share a lot of port link which may reveal video streaming
(Editor note: just for example. so, Don’t try to connect to with a browser. we hide login user and pass)
he also mentions tons of telegram channel, group, vk links or RTSP & RTMP those are common for streaming video etc. OMG, Russian, terrible
or this chinese channel 摄像头破解视频,

  • owner @antayra
  • 包括家庭,公共场所,酒店等,购买可加QQ183825504
    google translator: Including homes, public places, hotels, etc., purchase can add QQ183825504
  • Paid payment method: QQ. check QQ183825504

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